Tumbling Classes are designed to help the athletes who are looking to improve on all aspects of tumbling. Duration of all Tumbling classes are one hour. During the full hour, the athletes will receive instruction on the proper technique for tumbling. Instructors begin with the basics and move on according to the child’s perfection of the skills.

**Classes are divided up by level:

Level 1: No Experience up to a Backwalkover / Frontwalkover

Level 2: MUST HAVE a Backwalkover and a Frontwalkover

Level 3: MUST HAVE a Standing Backhandspring Series and maximum skills to a Roundoff Backhandspring Series

Level 4-5R: MUST HAVE maximum skills into a Roundoff Backhandspring Tuck and Standing skills to a Tuck

Cost is $75 Monthly Tuition

Each additional class or child per month is $55.00 ( Tuition for currently enrolled BASE athletes)

Team Tumbling

Team Tumbling is a great tool for school and rec teams. You pick the day and time, bring your team out to our facility and we provide the instruction! Cost is $125 per session (1 hour) with a max of 25 athletes.

Private Tumbling

Private lessons are designed for those athletes wishing to have one on one instruction. Currently, all instructors work with all ages and all levels on all aspects of tumbling. 

Cost is $30 per session (1 hour) with a max of 2 athletes.

Preschool Tumbling (Ages 3-4)

  • Build skills such as cognitive thinking, balance, taking turns, and learning to get along with others

  • Helps to learn to follow 2-step directions

  • Learn basic tumbling skills (forward, cartwheels, and handstands)

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